Ketchup Ninja 11

Chapter 11 of Ketchup Ninja! There was a small timeskip between chapter 10 and 11. Shinoko's gotten accustomed to her life in America and ummm... CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!

EDIT: Wow, I had no idea google automatically creates GIFs out of your photos... If you're reading it online, I didn't make the gif in the chapter, it was google.

Here's an overview of all episodes on niconico:

Note that starting with episode 4, the videos aren't free of charge anymore. I can still get you the sound files and times though, if someone wants to make flash videos out of them.

Chapter 11:
Ketchup NInja Chapter 11

If you don't feel like reading it online or if you want to have the RAWs, go to this MEGA folder.


  1. Oh come on! What is that? Chubby shean?! I don't think i like this development...(it's obvious she will eventually lose the weight again, but that is just silly)

  2. Translator Fag, why "Shean" instead of "Sheen"?

    1. Easy. It was like that in the original. Remember, half the lines if not even more are written in English in the RAWs.

    2. Thanks for the explanation. I saw the name of the chapter in katakana, and "Sheen" made more sense to me at first sight, but I understood your point.

  3. so unbelievably fat..............

  4. Don't you think the chubby shinoko is kind of cute? Her happily smiling face while taking a bite from that pizza, her helplessness during any kind of physical activity; plus she's shaped like a little egg. I'd like to pinch that soft rosy cheeks of hers.

  5. Haven't read this chapter yet, but judging from the comments there is some bbw action involved - and that just makes me all the more eager to get started catching up!

    Is it just me, or have the illustrations become increasingly.. beautiful.. as each chapter ends and the next begins?

    Thanks again, Ace!

  6. I have to say, this is an awesome comic strip, please dont stop :)

  7. Thanks for the chapter.
    I'm sad to see this is turning into more of an action fantasy. I was hoping they'd avoid the absurdly super-powered fighters... And some of the dialogue is pretty stupid. The government wouldn't announce a "troop" of soldiers going missing. It'd get covered up. If they're going for stereotypes, government cover-ups would be an obvious one. It's not like people, such as Chris, knowing about those things will progress the story at all (well, it's too early to say, but I have doubts). I must agree that Shean getting fat is something that happens to most foreigners who come here. For some reason, they don't know that most food in the US is garbage for you, especially cheap foods. Hopefully, this series tones down the strength of the characters to a more reasonable degree.

    1. A "troop" is also, I believe, a *British* military formation (and rather small one at that)... or at least used to be like around the World Wars.

      Anyways, if Tokyo gets regularly leveled by Daikaijus, angsty psychic teens and demonic or alien invasions I guess it's fair enough for the US to get the occasional SOOPA NINJA incursion. :v


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