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Random Manga shorts

Hey, guys, just making a post for random manga shorts from the Yuu Skin Clinic , a clinic for hair removal and dermatology in Tokyo that also produces a lot of entertaining manga shorts for some reason. Random Manga shorts I'm planning on translating a new series soon, so stay tuned.

Circle Crash!

Hey, everyone, here's a new manga I'm translating. It's about a normal girl joining a manga club full of otaku. It's basically Genshiken 2.0. I'll be updating this post. Enjoy! Chapter 001: Circle Crash! Chapter 001 Chapter 002: Circle Crash! Chapter 002 Chapter 003: Circle Crash! Chapter 003 Chapter 004: Circle Crash! Chapter 004 Chapter 005: Circle Crash! Chapter 005 Chapter 006: Circle Crash! Chapter 006 Chapter 007: Circle Crash! Chapter 007 Chapter 008: Circle Crash! Chapter 008 Chapter 009: Circle Crash! Chapter 009 Chapter 010: Circle Crash! Chapter 010 Chapter 011: Circle Crash! Chapter 011 (Or download it from HERE .)

Stop! Time!

Hey, guys, here's the third entry from the famous God series. This one is what you get when the creator of Umbrella Sword tries to make a love comedy. Enjoy. Chapter 01: Stop! Time! Chapter 01 Chapter 02: Stop! Time! Chapter 02 Chapter 03: Stop! Time! Chapter 03 Chapter 04: Stop! Time! Chapter 04 Chapter 05: Stop! Time! Chapter 05 Chapter 06: Stop! Time! Chapter 06 Chapter 07: Stop! Time! Chapter 07 Chapter 08: Stop! Time! Chapter 08 Chapter 09: Stop! Time! Chapter 09 Chapter 10: Stop! Time! Chapter 10 Chapter 11: Stop! Time! Chapter 11 Chapter 12: Stop! Time! Chapter 12 (Or download it from HERE .)

Umbrella Sword

Hey, guys, it's been a while. Here's a web manga I just finished translating today. It's the fourth entry from the famous God series which are all about a creepy God messing with little girls' lives, but I don't want to spoil everything. So make sure to give it a read. The art is sketchy as it is an amateur web manga from 2ch, but that shouldn't be an issue if you were able to enjoy Molester Man and Rabuta. If you guys like it, I might translate the other entries of the series too. Chapter 01: Umbrella Sword Chapter 01 Chapter 02: Umbrella Sword Chapter 02 Chapter 03: Umbrella Sword Chapter 03 Chapter 04: Umbrella Sword Chapter 04 Chapter 05: Umbrella Sword Chapter 05 Chapter 06: Umbrella Sword Chapter 06 Chapter 07: Umbrella Sword Chapter 07 Chapter 08: Umbrella Sword Chapter 08 Chapter 09: Umbrella Sword Chapter 09 Chapter 10: Umbrella Sword Chapter 10 Chapter 11: Umbrella Sword Chapter 11 C