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KURO Volume 01

Hey, guys, I have just now finished translating the first Tankobon of KURO. Thank you, Conquistadork for uploading the RAWs a few days ago. The volume contains all 1-page chapters up to now + 1 and 5 extra chapters, of which I had already translated one. In any case, there's more than enough new material in the volume. Enjoy. Read it all in one huge Google+ gallery: KURO Volume 01 Or download it as one big archive or chapter-wise from this MEGA folder .

KURO Extra Chapter and first tankobon release

Tonari no Young Jump put an extra chapter on their website to celebrate the first tankobon release of KURO. I've translated it along with the ad page for the tankobon. I'm not sure if this deserves a blog post, but this is also to show you guys that I'm still alive and translating stuff, albeit not as much as I used to. As to why I'm so busy: I'm working on my master thesis. Anyways, enjoy the unusually long KURO release. Google+ gallery: KURO Extra Chapter If you don't feel like reading it online for some reason, go to this MEGA folder .