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As promised in my first post, here's a manga by Yokota Takuma, the guy responsible for the art of Onani Master Kurosawa which I hope you've already read or at least heard of. It's called TsunBaka and is based on a 2ch (read 2channel and not 2chan) story. It's about the adventures of Tsun and Boon and... Meh, just read it for yourself. Let's see if this Picasa web album thing works. TsunBaka If you don't feel like reading it online for some reason, go to this MEGA folder .

Boon Scanlations

Okay, let's see. This is a blog solely created for the purpose of posting my scanlations of manga. But it'll only be manga I happen to come across and that haven't been translated into English yet. I don't care about any credits and the like in the internet, so you're free to do with my scanlations whatever you like. I don't use any watermarks and credit pages. The name "Boon Scanlations" only exists because every blog has to have a name. I think I'll be busy for a while scanlating manga drawn by Yokota Takuma, also known as YOKO, who's responsible for the art of Onani Master Kurosawa amongst others. Note that he does not write the story of his manga, he takes stories he likes and makes manga out of them. tl;dr Enjoy reading the scanlations.