Ketchup Ninja 07

Heh, somehow managed to finish chapter 7 before the business trip, but I'm going to be running around like a zombie now. Oh well, no regrets. Have fun with Ketchup Ninja.

Here's an overview of all episodes on niconico:

Note that starting with episode 4, the videos aren't free of charge anymore. I can still get you the sound files and times though, if someone wants to make flash videos out of them.

Chapter 07:
Ketchup Ninja Chapter 07

If you don't feel like reading it online or if you want to have the RAWs, go to this MEGA folder.


  1. Thank you for another release! Good luck on your business trip!

  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    The WTC reference made me laugh.

  3. Thanks for another chapter. No ranting from me today. Everything is pretty much accurate... beside the fact arcades are outdated by at LEAST 15 years and aren't feasible as a money-making venture (unless it's in Vegas for the kids while their parents gamble away their college savings).
    Business trip?! Well, hopefully you go somewhere where you're not stuck inside the room all day. Hope you go to a nice, tourist-trappy city, like anywhere in S. Florida or the West coast (Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!). Well, anywhere you can gamble is nice. Even dinky-ass Reno, though I wish the mountains would bury that town and everyone in it.
    /unexpected rant


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