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Molester Man 3-4

Wow, so much spaghetti in this manga. And a lot of text too, hence the slow release speed here. I didn't think, so many people would read this manga. You won't regret it. It only gets better, I promise. Chapter 3: Molester Man Chapter 03 Chapter 4: Molester Man Chapter 04 If you don't feel like reading it online or if you want to have the RAWs, go to this MEGA folder .

Molester Man Chapters 1-2

Here's the new chapter of Onepunch-... No, sorry, this time, it's not Onepunchman. The new chapter of OPM won't be out until next week. If you look at the subtitle of this blog, you'll see that I actually started this blog to post translations of manga you probably never even heard of. Even with OPM having gained worldwide fame by now, I still plan on continuing translating minor manga (OPM was an exception, I just couldn't believe why no one was translating something so famous and awesome). So yeah, here's a very minor one again. It's Molester Man (Chikan Otoko in Japanese), another doujin by YOKO. You could say, it's the smaller brother of Train Man (Densha Otoko) as it's another 2ch story that involves a loser 2ch inhabitant getting involved in an incident and asking 2ch for advice on how to handle it. I finished the first 2 chapters, so have a look at them if you like. You'll soon see from the art that it's one of YOKO's earlier wor