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Last chapter of Bonfire NEET translated (for the time being)

Hey, guys, it only took me two years and 2 months, but I have finally finished translating all chapters of Bonfire NEET that are out there. If you've read the last chapter, you'll find that it's the most frustrating point Nikiichi Tobita could have chosen for a hiatus, but on the other hand, it makes me think that he will actually pick it up again one day because it's such a cliffhanger moment. Another thing that gives me hope is that this isn't the first time the series was put on hold. In fact, the 32nd chapter of volume 4 was posted on pixiv in June, 2013, while the last chapter, chapter 1 of volume 5, was posted in February, 2015. In other words, he already put the series on hold once and picked it up after 8 months. And that was after he became a professional manga artist. So, let's just hope that he picks it up again. Even though I'm sad that there is no new Bonfire NEET chapter to translate, I'm also glad that I was able to finish another big pr

Sites hosted in Google Drive migrated to Firebase

Hello, everyone. Due to Google Drive's deprecation of their web hosting feature finally kicking in, I had to migrate a number of my sites to Firebase , which obviously caused their URLs to change. The Molester Man threads can be accessed via the URL: The FapWatchBird threads: The CanBadge thread: It worked like a charm (took  me only about 15 minutes), and the URLs are neater than the old ones, which always had this horrible 0B-xA8jb-RyyKZDVvSDhVZU9fWEU part in them. So, if anyone of you cares about the threads, update your bookmarks.