Ketchup Ninja 10

Chapter 10 of Ketchup Ninja! [INSERT WITTY COMMENTS ABOUT CHAPTER 10] Just read it, it's fun.

Here's an overview of all episodes on niconico:

Note that starting with episode 4, the videos aren't free of charge anymore. I can still get you the sound files and times though, if someone wants to make flash videos out of them.

Chapter 10:
Ketchup Ninja Chapter 10

If you don't feel like reading it online or if you want to have the RAWs, go to this MEGA folder.


  1. i came for chapter 9... to find that chapter 10 came out too~ THANK YOU AGAIN~

  2. I love how quickly you're pumping out the chapters keep up the awesome work on this hilarious series =DDD

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, rolling a blunt from hash... lol. You'd have to have some dry, crappy hash to do that and you'd still waste a bunch. Such a waste disgusts me! And only two guys were smoking, too! What preppy-ass school does this take place at? Half those kids would have been smoking and all would have been getting shitfaced in reality. Weak party.

  4. I love this! Thank you for your work!

  5. Thanks for another chapter.
    ... I wish somebody who has actually done drugs would describe what it's like to those who try to recreate it visually. I smoke great hash all the time and never hallucinated (more like what happens when you mind plays tricks on you and you think you saw something in your peripheral vision). If you hallucinate from it, it's probably due to lack of oxygen, not the THC. I've never even seen something like that from taking mushrooms, and I've had some powerful trips. I especially hate how people exaggerate about the effects of marijuana, describing it as something that looks more like consuming a mixture of alcohol and acid after not sleeping for days.

    1. Also, I've never heard of any guy calling his girlfriend an apricot. Fucking stupid.


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