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Makai no Ossan FINISHED and Onepunchman DROPPED

Hey, guys, sorry for being unavailable for days (weeks?). I've been very busy lately and I don't think it'll change in the near future. Nevertheless, I've been translating a few pages of Makai no Ossan before going to bed every night and have finally finished it. Well, what can I say... ONE is a great writer. His art may be not be everyone's cup of tea, but he has all these great ideas. Granted, some of them may be childish and random, but they don't seem out of place at all in the crazy little (under-)world he creates in Makai no Ossan. It was a great ride and I've come to love all the characters as I was translating it. I hope more people will read it now that it's finished. As for OPM, the dreaded time I announced in this post exactly 10 months ago has arrived at last. Viz' Shonen Jump Alpha has long caught up with OPM and they've already translated the special chapters while I haven't even started. I realize that many of you don'