Ketchup Ninja 04

Fourth chapter of Ketchup Ninja is about basketball. Ahh, this manga is so easy to translate. Half the lines are in Japanese and if they aren't, they're still meant to be in English half the time, so there's almost no localization needed, I wish every manga was like this. It's a lot of fun to translate too. Have fun.

Here's the niconico video:

Note that starting with episode 4, the videos aren't free of charge anymore. I can still get you the sound files and times though, if someone wants to make flash videos out of them.

Chapter 04:
Ketchup Ninja Chapter 04

If you don't feel like reading it online or if you want to have the RAWs, go to this MEGA folder.


  1. I'm loving this. Thanks.

  2. Fucking basketball. I got so much crap middle school over basketball. Basketball is literally the worst sport created by man.

  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    Pff... as if any English speaker has trouble saying Japanese names... I've never met one. Not even the idiots have trouble with them once they hear it once or twice. I can't believe the mangaka doesn't know that Japanese speakers can read English better than speak it and English speakers can speak Japanese better than read it. I though pretty much everyone could tell that much... Silicone... pff

  4. Oh, and all the coach gave was good news. Twice. See page 11 and 13.

    1. Thank you so much for the hint. What a stupid mistake to make. Fixed.

      As for the wrong pronunciation of Japanese names, it depends on the name, really. But I agree that Shinoko is probably one of the names that can be pronounced very easily.

  5. haha gaijin 4koma on page 13


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