Ketchup Ninja 03

Third chapter of Ketchup Ninja! Keep in mind, people, don't take this web manga/comic too seriously. It was released on niconico after all. Let's read it with a smile on our faces.

And here's the smilesmile video:

Chapter 03:
Ketchup Ninja Chapter 03

If you don't feel like reading it online or if you want to have the RAWs, go to this MEGA folder.


  1. Thanks for the chapter! This manga seems somewhat interesting.
    I think the mangaka who wrote this doesn't know too much about those code red drills. Staying in the classroom is your best bet, as you may be confused as the shooter by police if you go outside and hiding in the room allows the police to comb through the hallways and get the shooter. I wish I knew Japanese so I could rant on the site that publishes this manga...
    Same goes with the first chapter. You don't "have" dreams. You simply dream. It's possible to have "had" a dream, as you're not conscious and never could use "have" since it ends when you become conscious. It's will always be past tense or the way a said it before. When you use "have" when speaking of dreams, it means it's some extraordinary goal or something along those lines, so it's not really a dream that occurs during sleep. I fucking hate improper English!!! >_<

    1. As for the "having" dreams part, maybe I should have worded it differently. The author was trying to show the difference between Japanese and English ways of saying "I've had a dream". In Japanese, you say "I saw a bad dream last night", while in English you'd say "I had a bad dream". The Japanese don't say "I see a dream" either and I don't think the author's English is that bad that he'd honestly believe you could say "I have a dream" when you're talking about a dream you've had at night.

      Again, don't take it too seriously. He wasn't trying to accurately present high school life in America. It's a fun little comic by an amateur artist.

  2. Ah, i knew it wasn't a real school shooting suddenly in a comedy comic/manga.
    I start to get interested in this, the girls are cute.


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