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Domino Kick & Family Fight

Hey guys, I'm back. Okay, I wasn't really gone as I continued translating Stretch and the Molester Man threads, but I finally finished my diploma thesis! And what was the first thing I did? Translate more manga. So yeah, here's a new manga I picked up. I'm sorry if it's not the one you wanted me to pick up. As usual, I only translate what I feel like translating. Sorry for that. Anyways, here's the new manga. It's called "Domino Kick". Let me just copy the description I made for batoto: Sae, a young lady of a wealthy family, sometimes can't control herself and gets the urge to behave in a manner unbefitting of her upbringing. It's her butler's job to intervene. Note: This is the original Niconico Seiga version of the webmanga "Domino Kick - Naraberareta Domino o Kick Shitara Dou Naru no Kashira?" (I wonder what would happen if I kicked a line of dominoes) on Gangan Online. As opposed to the Gangan Online version, it do