Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Extra Chapter

Hey, guys, I've been super busy these last few years, but I was recently informed that an extra chapter of Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors was out. Thanks to Horatio Von Becker for the heads-up, by the way. I have no idea when it was released and why the artist even decided to add another chapter, but here we go! I also updated my original "Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors" post . Enjoy! Extra Chapter: Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Extra Chapter (Or download it from HERE .)

Lolly (Gera)

Hey, guys, I'm sorry I haven't been updating the blog or the threads lately. I've been very busy and I'm really just here to post a cute little manga I translated in what little free time I have. I don't want to spoil anything, but the interesting thing about the manga is that it comes with a song. It's very important to the story, so please make sure to listen to it after reading the manga. It'll make more sense that way. Enjoy. Song: Original website: Audio drama version (in Japanese): Lolly (Gera) Starlight Manaburn Chapter 01 (You can download the manga and the song from HERE .)

Subbed Japanese music videos

Hey, guys, maybe some of you know, but I've been uploading subbed Japanese music videos to my Youtube channel lately. It's just something I enjoy doing on the side. There's Japanese hip hop, pop, rock, I'm sure there's something for everyone. There's even the Yoiko Minecraft LP's I subbed a while ago. I was trying to make sure there are no copyright issues and that all views go to the original videos, but Sony Music decided to be a dick anyway and gave me my first copyright strike. Why can't they just block the video from being uploaded in the first place? For example, when I tried to upload a Utada Hikaru video, it was blocked worldwide and I was fine with it because I could just remove the video and didn't have to get striked. I wonder how all those so-called "content creators" on Youtube can even keep their channels alive for that long. I'm so glad I don't have to live off this shit. To make it clear, I don't make any money

Starlight Manaburn

Hey, guys. I can't believe it's been eight months since I posted my translations of "Starlight Wizards", but I've finally finished translating "Starlight Manaburn", the spiritual sequel to it. This manga too is about Magic: The Gathering, but unlike "Starlight Wizards", this one doesn't require any knowledge about MTG. It's a perfect introduction to MTG if you were ever curious about the trading card game. It basically teaches you the rules of MTG in a manga format. I really enjoyed translating this manga, so I hope you enjoy it too. Oh yeah, like Starlight Wizards, make sure to read from left to right. Chapter 01: Starlight Manaburn Chapter 01 Chapter 02: Starlight Manaburn Chapter 02 Chapter 03: Starlight Manaburn Chapter 03 Chapter 04: Starlight Manaburn Chapter 04 Chapter 05: Starlight Manaburn Chapter 05 Chapter 06: Starlight Manaburn Chapter 06 Chapter 07: Starlight Manaburn Chapter 07 Chapte

Starlight Wizards

Hey, everyone. So this one is an especially interesting one. I stumbled on this while looking for interesting Magic: The Gathering manga. I'm only a casual MTG player, but I always wondered if there are good manga about MTG. (Yes, I know about the Yokota Takuma manga that is running right now.) There were countless interesting amateur manga of varying quality about MTG on pixiv, but there was one every 2ch thread kept mentioning. It was a manga called "Starlight Manaburn" which used to be readable on the homepage of Hobby Japan Co. Ltd., the official Japanese seller of MTG until 2009, so nowadays it's pretty much impossible to find. After an extensive search in the depths of the Japanese side of the Internet, I did find one working link to a zip archive containing the latter half of "Starlight Manaburn" (chapters 15 to 38) and the shorter manga "Starlight Wizards" which is basically the prequel of "Starlight Manaburn". You'll need a c

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors

Hey, guys, I don't know how many are still around, but here's a manga I've been working on on the side for the last few months. It seems to me like an experiment of the artist to see if he can take rock-paper-scissors, the simplest of all games, and make it exciting by making a cast of extremely powerful characters with interesting abilities compete against each other. And now that I've read all 20 chapters, I must say, the experiment was successful. I'll try to keep adding a new chapter every other day. Enjoy. Chapter 01: Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 01 Chapter 02: Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 02 Chapter 03: Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 03 Chapter 04: Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 04 Chapter 05: Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 05 Chapter 06: Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 06 Chapter 07: Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 07 Chapter 08: Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 08 Cha

Random Manga shorts

Hey, guys, just making a post for random manga shorts from the Yuu Skin Clinic , a clinic for hair removal and dermatology in Tokyo that also produces a lot of entertaining manga shorts for some reason. Random Manga shorts I'm planning on translating a new series soon, so stay tuned.