Stop! Time!

Hey, guys, here's the third entry from the famous God series. This one is what you get when the creator of Umbrella Sword tries to make a love comedy. Enjoy.

Chapter 01:

Stop! Time! Chapter 01

Chapter 02:

Stop! Time! Chapter 02

Chapter 03:

Stop! Time! Chapter 03

Chapter 04:

Stop! Time! Chapter 04

Chapter 05:

Stop! Time! Chapter 05

Chapter 06:

Stop! Time! Chapter 06

Chapter 07:

Stop! Time! Chapter 07

Chapter 08:

Stop! Time! Chapter 08

Chapter 09:

Stop! Time! Chapter 09

Chapter 10:

Stop! Time! Chapter 10

Chapter 11:

Stop! Time! Chapter 11

Chapter 12:

Stop! Time! Chapter 12

(Or download it from HERE.)


  1. Real nice, thank you!

  2. Hm, I didn't like it as much as Umbrella Sword, but it was still fairly good and interesting. Thanks for translating!

    Oh, and I have one question. One thing that slightly bothered me when I started reading was the amount of cursing in the first chapter. Was it like that in the original too?

    1. Yeah, I figured people wouldn't like this one as much, which is why I translated them in the "wrong" order. Now I'm not sure if I should translate the magical girl one, as I don't like it as much as the other two. The interesting thing about it is that it basically did what Madoka Magica did, only a whole year before it.

      All the cursing is from the original. I would never use words like "uncle fucker" in my translation unless it's in the original. Most of the curse words she used were actually English in the original too (written in katakana, of course). I think it's safe to assume that Tsukusun is a South Park fan.

  3. There is a minor mistake in this (blog) post. Text under images for individual chapters reads "Umbrella Sword Chapter ##", but it should be "Stop! Time! ...".

  4. Thank you for pointing it out. I'm glad it was just a mistake on my blog and not in my translation.

  5. Damn, this series is grim. Really good though.


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