Circle Crash!

Hey, everyone, here's a new manga I'm translating. It's about a normal girl joining a manga club full of otaku. It's basically Genshiken 2.0. I'll be updating this post. Enjoy!

Chapter 001:

Circle Crash! Chapter 001

Chapter 002:

Circle Crash! Chapter 002

Chapter 003:

Circle Crash! Chapter 003

Chapter 004:

Circle Crash! Chapter 004

Chapter 005:

Circle Crash! Chapter 005

Chapter 006:

Circle Crash! Chapter 006

Chapter 007:

Circle Crash! Chapter 007

Chapter 008:

Circle Crash! Chapter 008

Chapter 009:

Circle Crash! Chapter 009

Chapter 010:

Circle Crash! Chapter 010

Chapter 011:

Circle Crash! Chapter 011

(Or download it from HERE.)


  1. Hello! I just finished Molester Man and I loved it. The original 2ch threads are fun to read too. Hope you'll complete the thread someday soon.

  2. Hey, you seemed to have uploaded chapter 10 again instead of 11 on

    1. Thank you very much. I would have never noticed if it hadn't been for your comment. Should be fixed now.

  3. Sounds fun, thanks!

  4. This is a really fun series. Thanks for translating it for us!

  5. Boon have you ever taken into consideration to scanlate "Wave, Listen to Me!" of hiroaki samura ?
    It seems that only the first volume is english and everything after that died, it looks like a really good series, with the usual balanced mix of drama and comedy that samura is able to bring to fruition.


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