Random Manga shorts

Hey, guys, just making a post for random manga shorts from the Yuu Skin Clinic, a clinic for hair removal and dermatology in Tokyo that also produces a lot of entertaining manga shorts for some reason.

Random Manga shorts

I'm planning on translating a new series soon, so stay tuned.


  1. I'm still hopung you're not in a hospital and just procrastinating your ass off.

    1. Thanks for worrying about me.

      I've been subbing the season 1 of Yoiko's Minecraft Survival Life for /vr/ the last few weeks.
      I'll get back to translating manga when I'm done with those.

    2. I-it's not like I'm still waiting for you or anything, you b-baka!

    3. Wow, I didn't think there was still someone waiting for updates.

      Work has been wearing me down and I only get to translate stuff at weekends nowadays.
      But I have been working on a manga for the last few months and I'm almost finished now. I'm at chapter 19 of 20. I figured I'd finish translating the whole manga before releasing it because I figured I wouldn't be able to keep up a steady release schedule.

      tl;dr There will be an update in a week or two. Thanks for still visiting my blog!

  2. Ah... reminds me of those old mental health shorts from a few years ago.

    Mic drop's hilarious.

  3. If you still love the works by Higashiyama Shou and miss the old days of translating Stretch, then you are lucky, because Higashiyama Shou aka Akili started a new yuri series called Vampires. The series started on the March Issue of the seinen manga magazine Monthly Sunday GX published on February 19th, so there should be two chapter at the moment. If you want to give it a look then you have here the first chapter as a preview: https://sundaygx.com/sakuhin/sakkaInfo/vampires.html


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