Stretch has ended

The final Stretch chapter has been released today. Albeit surprising, it wasn't completely unexpected what with Stretch having covered pretty much everything about stretching. If it'd been a normal series, it might have gone on longer, but it started out as a series about stretching after all. I'm not a fan of this type of endings, but I guess not every manga can have a satisfying ending like Molester Man. I really liked Ran, Keiko, Saki, and their interactions though. It's interesting how conversations in manga are easy for me to translate if they're natural and well-written. Stretch was very good in that aspect. If it'd been for me, I would have turned it into one of those endless series.

Chapter 45 [END]:
Stretch 045 [END]

akili's final comment:

This is the end of Ran and Keiko's living together.

It's gotten a lot longer than planned, but it's thanks to the readers' comments that I was able to draw 45 chapters. Thank you very much.

I'm planning on drawing more for the 4th volume than for the other volumes. There might even be a sequel. Please look forward to it.

Now that Stretch has finished, I'll be able to focus on Bonfire NEET. And once that's finished too, I'll make sure to pick up another interesting web manga. Look forward to it!


  1. Thank you for translating this manga.

  2. Thanks man. I'm really rather pissed about this ending, but yeah I greatly enjoyed it before it started ending. Sigh, oh well. Supposedly the volumes will have an epilogue, or there'll be a sequel or something, but I'm not holding my breath for anything satisfying.

    I agree, an endless Stretch woulda been quite alright.

  3. Thanks for the translation, if there's a vol4 extra will you be translating that as well? But yeah, the ending was disappointing, it wasn't really an end per se.

    1. Sure I will. I doubt we'll get much closure in an extra chapter though. I wouldn't get my hopes up too much.

    2. Awesome, a little request. Could you translate what it says on the yawaspi page where Shou tells as an afterword? He says something about the 4th volume and something about a sequel, but google translate isn't very good as you probably know xD

    3. I added a translation to my post above.

  4. What a horseshit ending. I wonder, did the author set out with the goal of creating an unsatisfying ending, or did she just end up there because of incompetence? I guess if the the manga was about stretching and they just wanted to draw all the stretches you can do, it is the former, which is fucking retarded.

    I was fully expecting a non-'good' ending at this point, but that was just... terrible.

    The translation and effort is appreciated... in theory. I wish i hand't bothered with the story now though.

  5. That felt abrupt though understandable with all the non-stretching things. Thank you very much!

  6. Thanks very much for this translations, Stretch is one of the best things I read coming from Japan.

    I admire the ending.
    Everything in this series is subtle, very subtle. At times It may have seemed like as if nothing was happening, but was happening, just not explicitly. This narrative style was sustained till the very end, with attention anyone can understand what happened and see the development. I'm happy with how it all ended for Keiko.

    I will root for at least one extra volume.
    Just to see a little more of the characters.

  7. Thanks for translating this.
    I liked the ending. I think author handled it well. It's a life goes on thing and it felt nice. Like all the series.
    Of course If there's more I'll take.

  8. Thanks again boon, looking forward to what you're picking up.

  9. Thank you for your hard work.

    Please consider translating Paperakyu ( as your next project.

    Also, are you still doing Kuro?

  10. Already available the cover of the fourth volume thanks to the Twitter account of Yawaspy.

    To recap: The fourth volume will be published on December 11, will consist of 152 pages and will have an epilogue.

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  12. Higashiyama Shou has published a new comment on Stretch in Yawaspi, so you could do us the favor of translating it?

    By the way, Merry Christmas

    1. Here's a quick and dirty translation:

      "The last volume of Stretch has been finally released!
      I had to structure it a little differently than the previous ones and there was a lot to consider,
      but the extra-work strengthened my emotional attachment to the characters,
      and I had a hard time carrying out the finishing touches since I didn't want it to end.

      As usual, there is an original chapter at the beginning, and this time, at the end too.
      Please read it when you feel like it.

      Well then, let us meet again sometime someplace.

      Thank you for reading Stretch."

      Merry Christmas to you and everyone over at Dynasty Reader.

  13. The following file are scans of the relevant parts of the fourth volume. Forgive the quality of scans, but it's my first time doing this kind of activity.!g0BxRR6Y!nxnquODT2GcPPnXHJ2FG0bGLolOFSiQ8l5PLwnrUR90

    Technical details.

    All pages were scanned color photo mode at 600 DPI and low compression JPEG, besides that the images have not been processed or manipulated. The scanner used was a HP Deskjet 2540.

  14. Do not want to sound impatient, but I think you've accidentally ignored my previous comment about the scans.

    1. Ah, sorry for not replying straight away. I'd seen your comment and downloaded your scans too. Thank you for scanning the pages. I have yet to check if I can clean/process them in a way that they look presentable.

      It might take a while though as I've been very busy with work and other projects. Sorry for that.

    2. Yeah, I figured you'd say that, but the reason I asked the question was due to a user in Reader Dynasty requested information about the status of the translations of the fourth volume. If you do not mind I'll post your comment on Dynasty, in order to inform them.

      For my part there is no problem that you take the time that you consider necessary as your help is always welcome.

  15. are you going to work on the vol 4 extra?

  16. Will you be doing the rest of volume 4?

  17. Thank you so much for translating this series, it was super nice and I loved it.


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