OPM files taken down

Hey, guys. Maybe some of you have already noticed that the OPM chapters in my Mediafile folder have been taken down. Since OPM was licensed by VIZ Media years ago, I suppose it was only a matter of time. It's why I quit translating OPM in November, 2013 in the first place. Now I'm just glad the other files in my Mediafile folder weren't taken down, or even worse, my account wasn't deleted. That means, you can still download the other manga. I guess I'll stick to my original rule of only translating doujins and more obscure web manga from now on.

Back when I started translating OPM, hardly anyone in the English speaking world knew about OPM, and my goal was to get as many people as possible to experience the awesomeness of the Caped Baldy. I think we reached that point a long time ago, and now with the anime adaptation, OPM is one of the most famous anime/manga franchises in the world. I count myself lucky that I was able to take part in that process. Thank you very much.

Please make sure to read Stretch, Bonfire NEET (I've just released a new chapter after months? A year?), and the Molester Man threads.

UPDATE: Not only was my Mediafire account deleted later on, I even had to take down all posts about OPM now because I still keep getting DMCA notices about them even though I've long removed any links to my scanlations. It's a bummer, but what can I do? I don't want to lose my blog because of a few empty posts about OPM. I hope you guys understand.


  1. Good thing the Molester Man threads will stay forever <3 It's been a while since your last post and thanks a lot~

  2. I think a few pages of Bonfire neet new ch is out of order.

  3. I didn't forget coming here in the first place.. Thanks for showing me OPM TF!

  4. thanks to your effort, OPM had received widespread attention. Plus, the redrawn version by Murata really is an awesome art. Keep on bringing us some obscure, interesting things of Internet!

  5. Thank you for bringing OPM to the english speaking world.
    You have my gratitude.

  6. Your work is always appreciated.

  7. Could you reupload the OPM chapters on the Picasa thing you have?
    I can't read OPM anywhere and everyone else cuts out the anime like sequences from the webcomic.
    I much preferred reading the webcomic version.

    1. Umm... The archives in the mediafile folder were taken down, but all OPM chapters I translated are still in Picasa/Google Photos. You just need to go through the old posts and follow the Picasa links.

  8. can you re-upload your OPM files, both old and new, somewhere else? like dropbox? please..

  9. Fuck off. Fucking pussies, no one is translating OPM these days. Worthless fucks.

  10. >I guess I'll stick to my original rule of only translating doujins and more obscure web manga from now on.
    No, this is what ails me. Translate what you want, but upload elsewhere.

    Maybe these days use things like http://veuwer.com/ or imgur to upload scanlations, even blogspot here and wordpress.

    But a true technical opinion says to upload them to distributed USENET servers, so everyone that cares can have a copy.
    Hopefully everyone moves to I2P, Gnunet, Frennet, Tor, and the rest.

    Heck, if you have a copy of everything, just make a torrent, and list it in Nyaa.se; esp. if you fell like not continuing with OPM.

    Regardless, thank you for your work thus far. And may the fists guide us to a better future.

  11. It probably was your work I originaly read, thank you so much for that, I started buying the volumes in japanese back then, feels a little silly now, who knew this series would become so big back then.

    I came here looking for the OPM x Dangan Tenshi Fanclub oneshot, but I guess that was pulled too huh... Still, great thanks to you that I got to read it in the first place!

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. then I can no longer see the ones you translated in any section published by you? I really liked them and I want to see them. :(


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