Koganeiro - Chapter 3

Sorry for the delay, everyone. I can release Onepunchman chapters every two days if I feel like it, but manga like Koganeiro take a lot longer to translate.

So anyways, here's the third and last chapter of Koganeiro. It was a short, but fun ride and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed translating it. It was interesting to see how much YOKO's art changed since he did OMK and Tsunbaka. Oh btw, if you're confused about how the Japanese education system works and what's the deal with the center test and secondary exams, read this: Wikipedia article

Oh yeah, and a big thank you to Zack, who provided the cleaned versions. I think, a cleaned version of chapter 2 will follow.

Koganeiro Chapter 3

Or download it from HERE.

Now that Koganeiro is finished, I can finally focus on OPM.


  1. Thank you for your hard work, it's much appreciated! Throw a thank you at the editor as well, I've only glanced through it so far but it looks like he did well.


  2. Thanks!!
    I'm a brazilian scanlator, and I got interested on translating this serie to portuguese since it was released on Shonen Jump (I've downloaded the raws by that time...). Now that it's complete in english, it's better.
    I saw you let the PSD on the mediafire folder, and I intend to use them (giving credits for Boon Scanlator as RAW/PSD and translation provider) if you allow me to. So I'd like to ask if you will make chapter 3's psd public on this mediafire folder.
    Thanks again for translating this (short) serie!

    1. Sure, Dex, you're free to use the PSD files. I updated the PSD files for the chapters in the Koganeiro folder.

      Keep up the good scanlator's work.

  3. Thank you very much for this chapter. I'm happy and melancholy at the same time whenever I read it.

  4. Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed this manga! Do you plan on releasing "Welcome to the Competitive Dance Club"?

  5. Hey Translator Fag, thanks a bunch for your work on Koganeiro.

    It's a pretty inspirational work that helped me out an emotional rut. I was feeling pretty lost and unsure about my future, and Koganeiro was eerily relatable and just hit all the right spots.

    YOKO's works are seriously good stuff. Thanks for your work on this and Molester Man.


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