Koganeiro - Chapter 2

Okay, chapter 2 didn't take as long as I expected. I somehow managed to finish it before the new semester, so here it is.

Translating Koganeiro makes me feel depressed as I feel like I should have read a manga like this or something similar when I was a high schooler myself. I didn't think about what would be best for my future as hard as Kinata does in this manga. Now I'm about to finish studying a subject at a university that I'm good at but never loved and I'm certain I'll spend my whole life working a job I don't love.

I hope, it's not too late for you guys out there reading Koganeiro. Think about it hard. Think until your head hurts. And then decide.

Koganeiro 2

Or download it from HERE.


  1. Wow, I've always hoped for a translation of this.(Haven't noticed your chapter 1 earlier)
    Thank you so much!

  2. I believe the two last pages are missing in the mediafire .zip.

  3. Where the fuck are my manners.
    "Thank you for the release. Also, I believe the two last..."

    Seriously though, enjoyed reading it. Good work.

  4. Heh... I actually forgot to include the last two pages which are imo the funniest pages in the chapter.

    Anyways, fixed it now.

  5. Do you need any help with the cleaning department?
    i can help.

  6. here's what i can do: http://imageshack.us/a/img28/7591/141jr.png

    but is your choice^^

    1. Zack, I would be so grateful if you helped me with cleaning. As you can see, I suck at cleaning and I don't have any time to spend learning how to properly clean. I can even upload the PSD-files I used for the first two chapters and you can just switch the image layer with ones cleaned by you.

      Actually, I should always upload the PSD files. I don't need any credits anyway and that way anyone can take them and correct or change things.

    2. email me at: austin_z15@live.com
      so we can talk this over

  7. I just want to say thank you for your translation of Tsunbaka and this particular manga. Hopefully, you can still enjoy your life despite all the problems, wish you all the best!


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