Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors

Hey, guys, I don't know how many are still around, but here's a manga I've been working on on the side for the last few months. It seems to me like an experiment of the artist to see if he can take rock-paper-scissors, the simplest of all games, and make it exciting by making a cast of extremely powerful characters with interesting abilities compete against each other. And now that I've read all 20 chapters, I must say, the experiment was successful.

I'll try to keep adding a new chapter every other day. Enjoy.

Chapter 01:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 01

Chapter 02:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 02

Chapter 03:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 03

Chapter 04:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 04

Chapter 05:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 05

Chapter 06:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 06

Chapter 07:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 07

Chapter 08:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 08

Chapter 09:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 09

Chapter 10:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 10

Chapter 11:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 11

Chapter 12:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 12

Chapter 13:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 13

Chapter 14:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 14

Chapter 15:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 15

Chapter 16:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 16

Chapter 17:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 17

Chapter 18:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 18

Chapter 19:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 19

Chapter 20:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Chapter 20

Extra Chapter:

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors Extra Chapter

(Or download it from HERE.)


  1. Sounds interesting, thanks!

  2. A new OPM webcomic chapter AND a new Boon translation in the span of a day. What a time to be alive!

  3. My fucking god you're alive.... and back with an incredible series as usual damn

    1. Yeah, I'm alive, and I'll probably be translating weird shit until the day that I die. The thing is, I'm not always translating manga. For example, in the last few months, I've been translating other stuff like Arino from Game Center CX playing Minecraft and a bunch of Japanese music videos etc.

  4. A new chapter every other day, huh?

    *finishes the whole series in 5 days*

    You work just as tirelessly as I remember from back in the day.... Hope you've been enjoying life!

    1. I realized that translating a manga completely before releasing the chapters one by one is the way to go for me now that I'm too busy to maintain a regular release schedule. Life is the same as always which is a good thing I think. Hope you're enjoying life too.

  5. Hey, glad to see you back, dude!

    That was a great read, thanks a lot, for real. I did not expect it to be that good, it was a great surprise.

    I do translations too and would love to translate it to portuguese. Could you allow me to use your translation as basis and also, could you send me the psd files? If you kept them, of course!

    1. Hi, you really don't need to ask for permission. It's not like it's my manga.

      And sure, you can have the PSD files. What is your preferred sharing method? Maybe I'll just make one big zip file and share it via google drive. Would that be okay with you?

    2. That would be perfect. (I'm the anon btw)

      Here's my e-mail: ronalde_rafael@hotmail.com

      Thanks a lot.

  6. Long time no talk, boon.

    Just wanna say thank you as always for an amazing read. This was unexpectedly awesome, I can see why you wanted to work on it.

    1. You're welcome. It was so popular that they're remaking it and releasing it as an actual manga, I believe. The art of the remake looks much cleaner albeit different, but since the story seemed almost identical, I haven't translated it yet.

    2. Oh, get outta town! It's getting the Domino Kick treatment?!

      Dude that's wiiild!

    3. I really loved this, found it via r/rational. And I was looking into the raws yesterday, and I found that there's a new chapter released on the official Jump Rookie site!
      Could you translate that one too?

    4. Wow, I have to admit I didn't expect this manga to get a new chapter. Thanks for the heads up! I'll start working on this asap.


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