Domino Kick & Family Fight

Hey guys, I'm back. Okay, I wasn't really gone as I continued translating Stretch and the Molester Man threads, but I finally finished my diploma thesis! And what was the first thing I did? Translate more manga.

So yeah, here's a new manga I picked up. I'm sorry if it's not the one you wanted me to pick up. As usual, I only translate what I feel like translating. Sorry for that.

Anyways, here's the new manga. It's called "Domino Kick". Let me just copy the description I made for batoto:

Sae, a young lady of a wealthy family, sometimes can't control herself and gets the urge to behave in a manner unbefitting of her upbringing. It's her butler's job to intervene.

Note: This is the original Niconico Seiga version of the webmanga "Domino Kick - Naraberareta Domino o Kick Shitara Dou Naru no Kashira?" (I wonder what would happen if I kicked a line of dominoes) on Gangan Online. As opposed to the Gangan Online version, it doesn't have the subtitle and has a partially different set of chapters.

Chapter 001:
Domino Kick Chapter 001

Chapter 002:
Domino Kick Chapter 002

Chapter 003:
Domino Kick Chapter 003

Chapter 004:
Domino Kick Chapter 004

Chapter 005:
Domino Kick Chapter 005

Chapter 006:
Domino Kick Chapter 006

Chapter 007:
Domino Kick Chapter 007

Chapter 008:
Domino Kick Chapter 008

Chapter 009-1:
Domino Kick Chapter 009-1

Chapter 009-2:
Domino Kick Chapter 009-2

Chapter 010:
Domino Kick Chapter 010

Chapter 011:
Domino Kick Chapter 011

Chapter 012:
Domino Kick Chapter 012

Chapter 013:
Domino Kick Chapter 013

Chapter 014:
Domino Kick Chapter 014

Chapter 015:
Domino Kick Chapter 015

Chapter 016:
Domino Kick Chapter 016

Chapter 017:
Domino Kick Chapter 017

Chapter 018:
Domino Kick Chapter 018

Chapter 019-1:
Domino Kick Chapter 019-1

Chapter 019-2:
Domino Kick Chapter 019-2

Chapter 020:
Domino Kick Chapter 020

Chapter 021:
Domino Kick Chapter 021

Chapter 022:
Domino Kick Chapter 022

Chapter 023:
Domino Kick Chapter 023

Chapter 024:
Domino Kick Chapter 024

Chapter 025:
Domino Kick Chapter 025

Chapter 026:
Domino Kick Chapter 026

(Or download it from HERE.)

Here's also a very short one-shot I translated yesterday. Its concept is just groundbreaking. I wish someone would make a long-running manga with this concept and maybe add a few more genres to the mix. It's only 6 pages, so make sure to give it a read:

Family Fight

(Or download it from HERE.)

It's good to be back.


  1. Thanks for the scanlations, I read everything you pick up.

    That oneshot is 2meta4me but definitely something fresh. And the girl in Domino kick has a screw loose. The body guard is not much better though. Looking forward to new chapters.

  2. Thanks Boon, I managed to pick up some good tanks from your translations. Looking forward to more Fapwatchbird threads ahead.

  3. Congrats on getting your thesis!

  4. you will contie transland kuro?

    1. There's not much out to translate though, only 4 pages or so. I'm still waiting for more pages to show up.

  5. "And what was the first thing I did? Translate more manga."
    Manga 4 lyfe.

    Thanks for the translations, They're fun reads.

  6. Thank you for you work on Domino Kick, I really enjoy reading it!

  7. Thank you very much for domino kick and family fight :)


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