KURO Extra Chapter and first tankobon release

Tonari no Young Jump put an extra chapter on their website to celebrate the first tankobon release of KURO. I've translated it along with the ad page for the tankobon. I'm not sure if this deserves a blog post, but this is also to show you guys that I'm still alive and translating stuff, albeit not as much as I used to. As to why I'm so busy: I'm working on my master thesis. Anyways, enjoy the unusually long KURO release.

Google+ gallery:
KURO Extra Chapter

If you don't feel like reading it online for some reason, go to this MEGA folder.


  1. Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Good news! Thanks

  3. The tank seems to contain at least one bonus chapter. Some scans are up, but the quality is meh.

    1. http://www.mediafire.com/download/xa16w4qpgw75wav

    2. Thank you very much. Please check my latest post for the translations.

  4. Good luck on your thesis.


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