Love Pig + The Beauty and the Hambeast

Hey guys, it's been a long time, hasn't it? I don't have much time to translate anymore, but it doesn't mean I stopped translating altogether. If you were wondering why there haven't been any new thread translations lately, it's because of two short manga I've been working on. One is a 4-panel manga called "RaButa"(Love Pig) about a fat school delinquent and a cute, shy girl. You can read it here:

Or download it from this MEGA folder.

The other manga is a oneshot called "Debu to Bijin"(The Beauty and the Hambeast) by web mangaka Ugou Isshuu and is about a fat loser and a beautiful slut. It's just a coincidence though that both manga have overweight protags. While the first one is a light-hearted slice-of-life romcom, this one is more realistic and heavy, but it's definitely worth it. Have fun reading them!

Google+ gallery:
The Beauty and the Hambeast

If you don't feel like reading it online for some reason, go to this MEGA folder.

Now I can finally go back to the threads.


  1. You are a true hero, mister Boon. I've been desperate not seeing a blog update for a long time, but you returned, as always with high quality content, deep and emotional stuff we don't find anywhere else.
    RaButa was a very good choice to translate (is the serie over now ?), and I will check Debu to Bijin later without fail.
    Thank you so much !

  2. Thank you. These two make me longing for more.

  3. Will there be an offline download for Love Pig? It's cute so far.

  4. Very nice mangas, thanks for translating them!
    The end to Rabuta was surprising, I was expecting something to happen with this stuff about the accident, speak of a Chekhov Gun. :p

  5. Good to see youre still kickin' around.
    Gotta check this new series.
    Cheers pal.

  6. I know this is old but the 2nd one was so beautiful 😒


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