As promised in my first post, here's a manga by Yokota Takuma, the guy responsible for the art of Onani Master Kurosawa which I hope you've already read or at least heard of.

It's called TsunBaka and is based on a 2ch (read 2channel and not 2chan) story. It's about the adventures of Tsun and Boon and... Meh, just read it for yourself.

Let's see if this Picasa web album thing works.


If you don't feel like reading it online for some reason, go to this MEGA folder.


  1. Many thanks for your hardwork

  2. Thank you for doing this Scanlation. I really enjoyed it and appreciate the work you did. Thanks.

  3. thanks for the hard work :D

  4. Thank you very much! I love YOKO's work

  5. I've just read this!
    Thanks for your hard work!

  6. Thanks a lot, indeed!!

  7. Will you translate story included in raw, but nontranslated in tsunbaka?

    1. (maybe) to clarify r2d5's comment:
      The raws has 246 pages while the translated part 214 pages only. Will you translate the first 32 pages?

      on unrelated topic, why did you translate 上海 as Shang High rather than the more common: Shanghai?

    2. The raws have 246 pages because there are two manga about Boon inside. One is Tsunbaka (all files starting with "t") and the other is a oneshot about Boon getting bullied. It was translated by someone else recently. You can read it here:


      The reason I translated 上海ヌーン娘。 as Shang High Noon Musume is because I believe it to be a reference to both Shang High Noon (the movie with Jackie Chan) and Morning Musume (a famous Japanese idol group). I could be wrong, but I'm sure people will understand that Shang High = Shanghai anyway.

    3. Thanks for the link.

      I suspected as much (on SN and MM).
      I didn't know that
      - Shanghai Noon title is a pun to Gary Cooper's High Noon.
      - It was distributed as Shang-High Noon in Europe.

  8. It seems the post is no longer available in the "Tsunbaka" section at the top.
    By the way, this manga is amazing, thanks for the translation!

  9. So that's where you got your name from.

    1. Yes. Originally, I wanted to be an anonymous translatorfag, but you need a name to register releases at bakaupdates. So I went with Boon because Tsunbaka was the first manga I translated.

  10. It seems the link to mediafire is no longer work
    It says, folder not found.

    Can you fixed it?
    Thanks for translating this manga!

  11. Nice work. Where can i found the untranslated raw ?

  12. really impressive, just got linked this from a Reddit thread, best thing ive read all week.


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