Last chapter of Bonfire NEET translated (for the time being)

Hey, guys, it only took me two years and 2 months, but I have finally finished translating all chapters of Bonfire NEET that are out there. If you've read the last chapter, you'll find that it's the most frustrating point Nikiichi Tobita could have chosen for a hiatus, but on the other hand, it makes me think that he will actually pick it up again one day because it's such a cliffhanger moment. Another thing that gives me hope is that this isn't the first time the series was put on hold. In fact, the 32nd chapter of volume 4 was posted on pixiv in June, 2013, while the last chapter, chapter 1 of volume 5, was posted in February, 2015. In other words, he already put the series on hold once and picked it up after 8 months. And that was after he became a professional manga artist. So, let's just hope that he picks it up again.

Even though I'm sad that there is no new Bonfire NEET chapter to translate, I'm also glad that I was able to finish another big project (for now). This manga has taught me not to mess with long series again. But don't worry, if I find another really good long series, I doubt I can resist not picking it up. I will try to translate shorter manga from now on though. Actually, I have already decided on my next project. I'm sure you'll like it, so please look forward to it. Needless to say, if there is a new chapter of Bonfire NEET, I'll translate it, of course.

Here's a nice picture of Baki and Slan I found on Niikichi Tobita's pixiv account that he didn't include in any of the chapters:

(In the image, Baki is apologizing on behalf of Niikichi Tobita because he hasn't found any time to update Bonfire NEET.)

Until next time, guys. Enjoy the chapter HERE.


  1. Thanks, hopefully he starts back up soon.

    Will you be doing the Stretch volume 4 stuff?

  2. Congratulations for another big project completed.

    Same here, I would love to see that you finish your job with the fourth volume of Stretch, if you need help you can ask me and I will help you asap, for example, with a digital version or with the commission of a new scan.

    I want to recommend Hyakumanjou Labyrinth by Takamichi as a new project, this manga is only 23 chapters long, it is also about videogames,it was the fifth best manga in the Manga Taisho 2016 and it was licensed in France, so this series have various and important merits.

    1. Ah, right, I still have to finish Stretch.
      To be honest, it would be great if you had new scans of the chapter. I had a hard time cleaning the scans I got last time. It's probably just me sucking at Photoshop, but if you do have the means to rescan the chapter, I'd appreciate it a lot. Alternatively, if you or someone else could clean the pages for me, I'd translate them in a day or two. Sorry for the trouble.

  3. thanks for your hard work for this past 2,2 years. I'll look forward for your next project.

    And for author and artist too.

  4. Thank you so much for all your hard work translating this hidden gem of a story. It's quickly become one of my favorites, regardless of its current hiatus.

    As for Nikiichi's decision to stop at this point in the story:

  5. I thought you were dead lol

  6. Just a random commentor that wants to say thanks for sticking with the series. Thank you for all your work bringing this hidden gem to light.

  7. So the author stopped here. And I desperately tried to guess why this manga have been out for half a year already and stumble upon this blog. I just hope he would pick it up again damnit T_T

    Well, thank for your hard work by the way. Your translation introduced me to this masterpiece that actually change my life at some point of the past. I appreciate it, really.

    I hope you would pick this up again when the author decide to be back too.

  8. Sane like Aereist, i stumbled to this blog because desperately looking any clues why this amazing manga hiatus, i hope Tobita sensei pick it soon,,

  9. I too stumbled onto this blog seeking answers to the hiatus of this amazing manga. I really wish Tobita sensei starts it up again.

  10. Thanks for the hard work you put into translating this story. I loved it, and still hoping to see another chapter a year since the last.

  11. still no news??? it been like a year now...

  12. thank you so much for your hard work! I found this manga a few days ago and it's so good, it helped me recover from a pretty dark place. Funny how fiction has so much power over a lazy and unmotivated mind. I finished reading all the available chapters and I was pumped and ready to buy the whole thing but I didn't know about the circumstances. Guess I'll just keep hoping and waiting. Again, thank you!


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