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Circle Crash!

Hey, everyone, here's a new manga I'm translating. It's about a normal girl joining a manga club full of otaku. It's basically Genshiken 2.0. I'll be updating this post. Enjoy!

Chapter 001:

Circle Crash! Chapter 001

Chapter 002:

Circle Crash! Chapter 002

Chapter 003:

Circle Crash! Chapter 003

Chapter 004:

Circle Crash! Chapter 004

Chapter 005:

Circle Crash! Chapter 005

Chapter 006:

Circle Crash! Chapter 006

Chapter 007:

Circle Crash! Chapter 007

Chapter 008:

Stop! Time!

Hey, guys, here's the third entry from the famous God series. This one is what you get when the creator of Umbrella Sword tries to make a love comedy. Enjoy.

Chapter 01:

Stop! Time! Chapter 01

Chapter 02:

Stop! Time! Chapter 02

Chapter 03:

Stop! Time! Chapter 03

Chapter 04:

Stop! Time! Chapter 04

Chapter 05:

Stop! Time! Chapter 05

Chapter 06:

Stop! Time! Chapter 06

Chapter 07:

Stop! Time! Chapter 07

Chapter 08: