Sites hosted in Google Drive migrated to Firebase

Hello, everyone. Due to Google Drive's deprecation of their web hosting feature finally kicking in, I had to migrate a number of my sites to Firebase, which obviously caused their URLs to change.

The Molester Man threads can be accessed via the URL:
The FapWatchBird threads:
The CanBadge thread:

It worked like a charm (took  me only about 15 minutes), and the URLs are neater than the old ones, which always had this horrible 0B-xA8jb-RyyKZDVvSDhVZU9fWEU part in them.

So, if anyone of you cares about the threads, update your bookmarks.


  1. Just to check, but have you had any updates past post #630? I don't know if it's just been some time since an update or if maybe the new host site situation created a problem. Hopefully the former.

    1. Hey, lizardizzle. It's the former. I haven't gotten around to translating the threads lately because I've had two weeks off from work and I wanted to use the time to binge-translate a few Bonfire NEET chapters. When I get back to work starting tomorrow, I'll have less free time which means I'm more likely go back to translating the threads as it's not as time-consuming as translating manga chapters. It's a bit ironic, but I work more on the threads when I'm busier in real life. Thanks for the patience.

  2. I'm relieved to know these translations aren't dead, just sleeping. I love 2ch translations; they're a window into an alternate chan-universe that is superficially alien, but deeply familiar. Thanks for your work.

  3. As I was reading the threads I began realizing it was unfinished. Glad to see you are still working on it. Thanks for the translations. I love molester man and Kansai!

  4. Thanks for translating these threads.


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